Our Carbon Neutral Plan

Our XXXX Brewery has been certified carbon neutral since 2020 by Climate Active under Lion’s org certificate. You can see how we’ve managed to acheive that through the initiatives listed below.


Installing over 1,000 MWh of solar to reduce our reliance on grid-based electricity


Capturing biogas from brewing processes to use in our boilers, reducing our reliance on natural gas


A strong commitment to reducing the energy intensity of our production over time by constantly pushing boundaries of efficiency and adopting industry-leading innovation


In the short-to-medium term, we will offset remaining emissions through a portfolio of verified carbon projects

We’ve also committed to using 100% renewable electricity to brew our XXXX by 2025 in line with the RE100 initiative. This will allow us to significantly reduce our Scope 2 emissions at the brewery and accelerate change towards zero carbon grids at scale.

And by 2050, we’re out to achieve a net-zero value chain!

Why Does Carbon Neutrality Matter?

To minimise the impacts of climate change on the good life as we know and love it, the global community must collectively reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. We are focused on doing our bit and sending a signal to our people and supply chain that we recognise our collective responsibility to measure, manage and reduce our emissions.

In partnership with Australia’s carbon offset specialist TEM we’re investing in accredited domestic and international carbon offset projects to negate our emissions in the short term, while our energy efficiency investments allow us to make direct emission reductions from our operations in the long term.

Here’s to Australia’s first certified carbon neutral alcohol free beer, XXXX Zero.

We launched XXXX Zero in 2022 as a certified carbon neutral beer by Climate Active. Why? Climate change poses an urgent threat to us all – including the beer we love to drink. That’s why we’re investing in climate solutions to reduce our footprint.


By making XXXX Zero certified carbon neutral through climate active, we’re investing in Australian carbon offsets that support the regeneration of native land in Charleville, Queensland – revegetation, supporting local waterways and increasing biodiversity. The activities within these projects also prevent, reduce or remove greenhouse gas emissions from making their way into the atmosphere.

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