We're committed to protecting and investing in the health of our waterways – a cause we give a XXXX about to protect the good life in the great outdoors, from river to reef and everything in between.

Why Waterways

Queensland’s waterways play an critical role in enjoying the good life. They give us so much more than just water, flowing through the Aussie way of life as much they flow through our great state.

We know the better the water quality the better the outcome, from us enjoying the waterways in the great outdoors to the quality of water going into the XXXX we proudly brew. Good water and the good life go hand-in-hand, there’s no good life without it.

XXXX & GBRF Project

Did you know poor water quality is one of the biggest threats facing the Reef? A healthy Reef needs healthy water, and runoff flowing down our waterways & onto the Reef each year is a threat to its future.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with the Great Barrier Reef Foundation to invest in improving water quality over the next three years to support the Foundation’s goal of restoring the health of Queensland’s waterways that flow to the Reef.

The project we’ve invested in starts upstream – supporting local farmers in the Lower Burdekin to implement innovative practices aimed at improving water quality flowing 
to the Reef.


Burdekin Smart Irrigation Project

The Burdekin Smart Irrigation Project is working alongside farmers to automate 600ha of Burdekin irrigation, allowing precise amounts of water to be applied at optimum times. This project will help remove barriers to widespread adoption and allow farmers to experience the full range of benefits of automated irrigation.


Improve water and energy usage efficiency


Saving farmers time and labour that is usually spent on manual irrigation & improving yield


Helping to address rising groundwater issues


Expanding understanding of crop and water modelling in the region


Reducing nutrient & pesticide runoff, resulting in water quality improvements for downstream environments like the Great Barrier Reef

This project builds upon the existing achievements of farmers in the Burdekin region to improve water quality. XXXX is proud to be supporting Queensland farmers to continue to apply innovative technologies that deliver benefits for our environment, farms and communities.

Good Beer. Good Water.

The XXXX brewers know that quality water upstream makes quality beer downstream. Water is a precious resource, not just for brewing our beer, but for the environment too. So we’ve installed a reverse osmosis plant at the XXXX Brewery to reuse our waste water and reduce our water footprint.

It works out to be 2.8 litres of water per litre of XXXX produced most days, and as low as 2.2 litres on a good day, which we’re proud to say is world class.

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